Financial Solutions

We deliver financial advisory and debt/equity arranging services to privately held companies.
ViewInvest is a global financial service provider. We are experienced in providing general and strategic advisory to private corporations targeting capital and operating efficiencies, including acquisitions or divestitures, to enhance profitability and sound balance sheet management. As part of ViewInvest assessment of capital efficiency, we will advise and assist clients in raising or repositioning capital and debt. ViewInvest is also experienced in highly complex and structured transactions; including tax advantaged/lease based transactions requiring credit enhancement and capital market access. 

We offer integrated solutions for the active and value-based management of all customer relationships and cash flows that help to safeguard payment flows during every stage of the customer life cycle. 

Thus, ViewInvest offers a comprehensive range of cash-flow-related services – from risk management, development of claims, to invoicing and processing of payments including securities for claims and advance financing to booking of payment or further claims recovery and collection of outstanding debts.

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