Fed's Harker doesn't see need for another rate cut, says central bank should stay here 'for a while'

Philadelphia Fed President Patrick Harker said he doesn't see the case for additional stimulus after the Federal Reserve's July rate cut.

GameStop surges after Barron's says 'Big Short' star Michael Burry is long the troubled game seller

Michael Burry thinks GameStop still has upside, as Sony's and Microsoft's upcoming consoles will likely have physical optic drives.

US may already be in a recession, long-time bear David Tice warns

Former Prudent Bear Fund manager David Tice is urging investors to brace for a massive downturn.

Kraft is suing the CFTC to keep the lid on a $16 million fine in market manipulation case

Kraft has filed a contempt motion against the CFTC over a press release announcing the $16 million fine to settle claims of manipulating wheat prices.

Your first trade for Thursday, August 22

The "Fast Money" traders share their first moves for the market open.

Esther George says the Fed's 'large balance sheet' may have helped cause the yield curve inversion

Kansas City Fed President Esther George said the Federal Reserve may be partly responsible for the yield curve inversion.

The Fed didn't need to cut rates in July, Kansas City Fed president says

"My sense was we've added accommodation, and it wasn't required in my view," George tells CNBC's Steve Liesman.

Bond market yield curve inverts, signaling Fed may be too slow to cut rates, risks recession

After the Fed released minutes of its last meeting, the bond market signaled it fears the Fed will not be aggressive enough with its rate cutting.

Fed sees tariffs as 'persistent headwind' to economic growth

Federal Reserve members worried over future growth are highly concerned about the U.S.-China tariff battle

Fed says July rate cut was 'recalibration' and not part of 'pre-set course' for more easing

The Fed minutes also note that "a couple" members wanted a 50 basis point cut, based primarily on the weak inflation readings.

Trader Talk: Buybacks slow from 2018's torrid pace, but still strong

Stock buybacks have contributed to the market's advance, though perhaps not as much as some believe.

Trump praises Germany's negative yields but doesn't mention that its bond sale failed

President Trump liked Germany's sale of no-interest, 30-year bonds Wednesday, but investors weren't so eager to buy them.

'Don't short a dull tape' – Old Wall Street adage may explain the stock market's comeback

Trading volumes this week are well below recent averages, and that means this comeback may be suspect.

JP Morgan to scrap digital wallet app Chase Pay

J.P. Morgan Chase customers will no longer be able to pay with their phones in stores beginning next year.

Bank of America CEO Moynihan says the consumer is doing well and will keep US economy going

Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan is not worried about an economic slowdown, saying the U.S. consumer is still in a strong place.

Hedge funds are dumping tech stocks for health care

Hedge funds are steering away from battered tech and semiconductor stocks, while bottom-fishing in health care names, according to Goldman Sachs.

Your first trade for Wednesday, August 21

The "Fast Money" traders share their first moves for the market open.

Consumer strength is 'deteriorating before our very eyes,' Wall Street bear David Rosenberg warns

Gluskin Sheff's David Rosenberg predicts one of the strongest parts of the U.S. economy will disappoint Wall Street and lead to a market meltdown.

Top tech analyst says electric vehicles from Jaguar and Audi are stealing market share from Tesla

Toni Sacconaghi said increased competition abroad is responsible for the weakness in Tesla's sales volume.

China may need more than a new interest rate to stimulate its economy

Analysts generally doubt how effective the People Bank of China's latest interest rate announcement will be in significantly helping businesses grow.

Amazon and SoftBank help UK tech start-ups score record foreign investment

U.S. and Asian investors poured $3.7 billion into U.K. tech start-ups in the first seven months of 2019, research shows.

Another ex-JP Morgan precious metals trader pleads guilty to 'spoofing,' is cooperating with Feds

Another former J.P. Morgan precious metals traders pleaded guilty Tuesday to criminal charges of manipulating the precious metals markets.

Investing in the strange negative yield world — 'It's very hard to wrap your arms around'

The bond market has entered a financial twilight zone, and at this point, there doesn't seem to be a smooth way out.

Trump says Europe will give him anything he wants: 'All we have to do is tax their cars'

President Donald Trump believes he has quite the bargaining chip with the European Union.

Earnings wrap: Home Depot and Medtronic jump on earnings, Kohl's takes a hit

It was a good day for Home Depot shareholders as the home improvement retailer's stock rose more than 4% on stronger-than-expected earnings.